Why You Need a Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan When You Have a Factory Warranty

Since the 30s and the invention of the factory warranty, there has existed the concern that those warranties did not cover some everyday occurrences that every driver since then has experienced. Faulty tires, bent wheels or spokes, locked vehicles, battery issues, and many more day-to-day incidents were not covered by a factory warranty.

The Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan is a one-of-a-kind package that covers those irritating incidents that factory warranties and insurances do not cover. Potholes, including those inside Vinita, OK, and other roadside hazards are not considered insurable, and factory warranties cannot be responsible for wear parts breaking under extreme pressures. It is up to the driver/owner of the vehicle to watch for such hazards.

To ensure you are not stranded by these uninsurable and unwarrantied incidents, visit Hometown Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to apply for a Mopar Vehicle Protection plan that fits your needs.

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