Staying on the Road in the Dodge Journey

Although the Dodge Journey isn't as large as other SUVs, it still has the performance that you need while driving in Venita, OK. There are two different types of engines to choose from depending on how much power you want behind the wheel. There are also various towing packages that can suit what you plan to haul in your vehicle or behind the Journey.

Trailer Sway Control helps to prevent swaying when you're pulling a trailer of any size. This allows you to have better control when you're on the road instead of swerving. Fuel efficiency is around 25 mpg. Electronic features include Roll Mitigation in the event that you begin to lose control of your vehicle.

The independent suspension provides a smooth ride from Hometown Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram to your home. There is also a high-performance suspension package for those who enjoy driving off the beaten path at times. These details deliver a firm ride compared to one that is jostling and uncomfortable.

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