Be sure to inspect your brakes regularly

If you were getting regular checkups for your car's brake system every 12,000 miles, you would be in a good position to avoid trouble, but not all types. If you notice any of these warning signs, visit us here at Hometown Chrysler Jeep Dodge for a complete inspection today.

Pay close attention to any leaking fluid near or around the wheels of your vehicle. There should not be any type of burning smell coming from the brakes around the vehicle. If the brake indicator light is lit, then it is telling you something is not quite right. If you depress your brake pedal while moving at a high rate of speed, the vehicle shouldn't wobble or pull to one side. The brake pedal should be firm and respond instantly, not soft, weak, or spongy. There shouldn't be any sounds like squealing or grinding coming from the brakes.

The sooner you spot and address brake system issues, the less likely you will experience troubles on the highway.

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